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Adopt A Pet For Christmas

Compact Reindeer © by DaPuglet

Do you want to give your kids something incredibly special this year? A gift they’ll never forget? Why don’t you get a puppy or kitten as an addition to the family! Dogs are man’s best friend, and cats are all the rage with the popularity of catlols. That’s right, cats have been making a comeback by taking on the internet by storm with adorable and hilarious cat videos. They are even taking over the news. I was watching ABC news for some reason this morning and saw to my surprise the anchors showing cat videos. Maybe they are trying to be more relate-able to the audience, maybe they are trying to show that they are just as reliable as the internet, or maybe they have simply bowed down as slaves to the felines we once thought were domesticated human cuddle buddies. Whatever it is, I really feel that is decreases the reliability of the news tremendously in an age when people are already doubting TV broadcasting and turning to internet sources.

A pet is a companion that will teach your children the value of taking care of someone other than just themselves, and teach the power of responsibility. Sure the pet will provide fun and companionship for many years to come, but they also will help your kids grow in a unique way that parents and teachers cannot provide. You might get some fun out of it as well. A pet brings an element to a family’s dynamic that is unparalleled. It gives your family something to talk about and share enjoyment in.

Think of the look on your children’s faces when they see a little puppy or kitten on Christmas morning ready to shower them with love and affection! You could jazz up the presentation by making a Christmas present box with holes in the sides for air and watch your kids open the lid to find a little animal inside. You could tie a soft red bow around its neck as well for added effect!

If money is tight this year and as much as you’d like to get a pet this year, you just can’t swing it, consider taking out a car title loan. No credit checks are necessary, and you can get your money in just 24 hours after applying! Don’t hold back on giving your children the Christmas gift of a lifetime, and adding to the family in one of the most special of ways.