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An Austin Car Title Loan Allowed Me to Spend Time With My Family

I moved to Austin a few years back for school. Once I finished my degree, I decided to stick around. There was warm weather, great Mexican food and cowboys–what more does a girl need in life?

Living so far away from my family has its downsides, though. Once in awhile I get homesick, and it’s expensive to travel home. I get back two or three times a year, but it never feels like enough. I had been home over Christmas, but by the time March came around, I was ready for another visit. When I found out that one of my close friends was pregnant, I knew that I absolutely had to get back for her baby shower. It was the perfect excuse to splurge on something fun. Her shower was a month away, so there was plenty of time to prepare for my upcoming trip. Unfortunately, there was one thing I hadn’t thought through: the price of plane tickets.

Since it was only four weeks before I had to travel, ticket prices were pretty high. I had budgeted to spend $200 each way, but it was looking like it would cost closer to $600 round-trip. I called my parents to see if they could loan me the cash, but they had just paid for my brother’s cap and gown for graduation and couldn’t spare any money. I was ready to tell my friend that I couldn’t make it when I heard an ad on the radio about Austin Car Title Loans.

Austin Car Title Loans, I discovered, was a loan company that offers secure, low interest loans to anyone who owns their vehicle. Unlike traditional loans, your credit score isn’t a factor; instead, they base the a amount of your loan on the resale value of your vehicle. They also let you keep and drive your vehicle as you pay off your loan – a huge plus!

I went to their website and filled out the application. I was surprised by how easy it was. They just needed some basic information about my car and me. Once I submitted the application, I received a message with my pre-approval quote: $1,500! That was way more than I needed!

A representative contacted me to confirm the details I had provided. We decided that I would take out $700 – enough to cover my plane tickets, anything I decided to do that weekend, and my friends’ shower gift. Then she deposited the money into my checking account – I had my money the same day that I applied for the loan!

Anyone who needs cash quickly should check out Austin Car Title Loans. It’s easy to apply for a loan and you’ll have your money almost immediately! They offered me a really great interest rate, too: 5%, which for someone with my credit score, is unheard of. But they don’t even check your credit, since your loan is based off the value of your vehicle. We agreed that I would pay off my loan over the course of the next three months, which was more than enough time. I was surprised to learn that my loan could actually improve my credit score too.

Austin Car Title Loans is perfect for anyone in a financial bind. Apply today!