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An Auto Title Loan Can Help You Afford an Enviable Wedding

The beginning of summer also ushers in the beginning of wedding season. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and love is in the air. Although weddings are a joyous occasion, they can also be quite expensive. On average, US couples spend $26,656 dollars for their wedding. This figure does not include the cost of a honeymoon. In other words, weddings are a big business and many couples are feeling the pressure to make their special day as lavish and opulent as possible. Amongst engaged couples, there is an unspoken sense that each wedding must outdo all others that have previously taken place.

Many times couples have a specific wedding budget in mind and while some stick to their budget, the reality is that things add up quickly and often exceed the original budget. Spending and prices vary widely. This is especially true when working with various wedding vendors. Many times a vendor will increase their prices simply because they know that engaged individuals are willing to shell out a large amount of money in order to complete their ideal vision. As soon as a potential customer mentions that they are planning a wedding, the cost of certain services or items will dramatically increase.

There are certainly ways to save money on your wedding day. For instance, simply having the event take place at an off-peak time can decrease the total cost. In terms of a venue, weddings that take place on a Sunday as opposed to the traditional Saturday can cost as much as 40% less. Other money saving ideas include do-it-yourself centerpieces or buying your wedding dress at a secondhand or consignment store. After considering all of these budget-friendly options, what should you do if you still cannot afford the wedding of your dreams?

Obtaining a car title loan in Austin is a great way to receive cash in a quick and easy manner. Credit checks are not required and you can receive up to $50,000 for a loan. You do not have to worry about transportation issues since you can keep driving your car while you make payments. You really have nothing to lose, so apply now and start planning a truly enviable wedding. You may even have some money left over to splurge on a romantic honeymoon!