Austin Car Title Loans


Austin House Flipping with Title Loans

When I was a boy my uncles owned a construction business in the Austin, Texas area. I would always go to the job site with them. It was so interesting to me to learn how to build a house. There was a lot more to it than I expected.

I learned a lot about construction. But, I also learned that I would never want to own a construction business. But, I never lost my fascination with the industry.

Last year I decided I should buy a house. Because I grew up around the construction business, I had a lot of knowledge that helped me find a diamond in the rough. I saw several properties until I found a house on the cheap that I could mold into a gem.

I had my uncles over the day after I bought the house. They all agreed I had an eye for picking a good house to renovate. They gave me a rough estimate of what I would need to fix the place up. It was more than I had, especially after purchasing the house up front.

If I was going to pull off a house flip, I would need extra money. I didn’t want to open another line of credit, and a bank loan was out of the question. I asked around and got a couple of leads about Austin Car Title Loans.

Austin Car Title Loans allowed me to use my car as collateral. I borrowed what I needed to execute the renovations while they held onto my car title. I got to keep my car, and got my car title back after I paid off the loan.

After about a year in the house, I decided I actually didn’t want to live in it and I felt the itch to flip another house. So, I sold the house for a profit and went looking for my next project. Now, I’m a successful house flipper in Austin all thanks to a car title loan.