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If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

That’s been my motto since I was a student at The University of Texas at Austin.  And let me assure you, there’s been a lot of destruction over the years.

Like that dot-com business my brother and I started about six years ago.  We had this idea that because we were in Austin, we could help fulfill that need for people to “play in Austin.” I thought if nothing else, it could be a good gag gift. If someone wrote a play, they’d send it to us, and we’d find a theater group to try it out, for free, and then we could report back it played in Austin.  Or the same thing with songs.

We self financed it, which cost us about $4000.  $2000 from me, $2000 from my brother.  When our wives found out they nearly divorced us both. And then when we didn’t get any customers, things got ugly.  Especially when I told my wife we couldn’t take the annual spring trip to Jamaica.

So after a week of major cold shoulder, I found a way to find the money.  I decided to get a car title loan at Austin Car Title Loans.  It was a stroke of genius.  We were able to take that trip as a way of putting the failed start up behind us.  I’m sticking to my day job from here on out.  Car title loans are a great way to fix a marital spat.