Austin Car Title Loans


Austin Title Loans For Unexpected Bills After Divorce

Now I’m just a girl from Austin, Texas but from my first two marriages, that has definitely been the case. My first husband was a banker in St. Louis, and I thought he was working on stocks every night. Well, I kept the ring, house, car and part of his salary for a year. Second husband was a truck driver. I learned after about a year he was driving more than trucks up and down the highways.

Now I take matters into my own hands. My salary is not so great, so to cover some unexpected expenses I recently took out a car title loan on my Mini Cooper. I think the church paid for it originally, so I thank the good Lord for that one. And He provides. With Austin Car Title Loans, it’s possible to get cash fast and easy online. You pay it off on your schedule. And honey, I have a busy schedule — looking for my next husband. Glad I didn’t have to sell the car — I need it to get around.