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Austin Title Loans Prays For the Innocents

After rockets were fired towards Jerusalem Tuesday, Obama sent Clinton to the Middle East to broker cease fire. A special report from Rueters reported “Hamas said a truce had been reached between Israel and Gaza. Hamas said the truce would go into effect early Wednesday, but Israel had yet to confirm this deal. Early today, Egyptian’s president said a cease-fire agreement was close to stopping Israel’s aggression, despite the firing of more rockets at Jerusalem on Tuesday. U.S secretary of State, Hilary Clinton was scheduled to arrive Tuesday to help with the diplomatic efforts to seek a truce, considering Israel is our allies. Despite, this war has been going on since the biblical times, this is now a new worry for citizens of Israel; both Palestinians, and Israelis that is. Terror struck Israel has dozens of rockets fired out of Gaza struck several small cities outside of Jerusalem. People ran for safety or dropped immediately to the ground in the Israeli Capitol as sirens wailed. Parents and children abandoned their cars in the street running for safety; thousands of students attending local schools were in great terror. One of the rockets struck the West Bank and Bethlehem where Palestinians were living. By Tuesday, civilians were accounted for 54 of the 113 Palestinians killed since Israeli airstrikes retaliated after 200 rockets struck Israel. Gaza reports over 200 children wounded and 840 wounded. Israel and Gaza have been fighting this war since last week with airstrikes, and flying rockets into each territory. Israelis defense have called in over 200 military reserves to help them out with this battle. Is the truce going to necessarily stop the war? No. Israelis and Arabs have been fighting this cold war since the Old Testament. This is a religious war, it always was, politics can be handled between a diplomatic approach, and nothing more. If Israel can agree upon a truce with Hamas that will only slow down the war to a minimum. Rockets, and airstrikes will stop, but the murders, and terrorist attacks will never cease. America: Israel needs our help more than ever, so let’s give them a minute out of our day for prayer or dedication to this terrible outrage. Please.