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Typically, auto title loans are processed within few days. It is possible for the reason that we have the simple application form that includes lenders evaluating borrower’s vehicle to finalize the market value. Lenders have to know that the auto is worth at least the amount borrowed. Usually, everyone who has a vehicle with clean title can get a title loan and no credit check is involved. This type of loan is secure because the customer is giving his or her title to the lender as collateral. In many cases lenders will even let you drive your car while paying back the title loan.

Remember that car title loans differ from traditional loans you possibly have retained in recent times. Given that these loans are secured, the lender may repossess the collateral, in this case your vehicle, if you do not pay off the funds on time. But, if you complete your payments in a timely manner your credit score has the chance of improving. Also, it is vital to look a variety of lenders out there and find the company with best interest rates and tailor made payment terms for you.