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Black Friday: Love It Or Hate It?

Christmas shopping, woman

Black Friday… some people celebrate it every year like its own holiday, others avoid it like the plague. Just how Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day were created by greeting card companies, Black Friday was created by department stores. Back at the turn of the 20th century, large department stores sponsored parades on the day after thanksgiving as a way to promote the Christmas shopping season early. After a couple decades, it worked and by the 1930’s people regarded the day after Thanksgiving as the official starting date of the holiday season.

It’s crazy how much the Black Friday has grown over the course of a hundred years or so. Last year, 226 million shoppers participated in the Black Friday weekend. More people came out to shop than who voted in the last election. 52 billion was spent throughout the course of the Black Friday weekend alone. Think of how many hungry children 52 billion could feed!

I don’t know what category you fall under: the Black Friday lover or the Black Friday avoider. Personally, I’ve generally avoided malls like the plague in the past. I’m not one to stand in long lines and rushing through aisles and over-tired shoppers. Shopping during the holiday season is exhausting to me. I feel like I experience a sensory overload with all of the crowds rushing past me. However, this Black Friday I’m considering trying it for a change. I shouldn’t dis something before I’ve tried it. I’ve heard from Black Friday enthusiasts that there can be a sense of camaraderie with the other shoppers during Black Friday rather than the crazed, trampling hate that the media so often projects.

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