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Broken Fridge? Get A Loan And Get A Shiny New One!

the fridge is full! © by Trinity

I recently experienced a bit of a crisis, and it came at the worst time.  I came home from work one day last week to discover that my refrigerator had broken.  At first, I was upset that all the food I had stocked it with had spoiled.  As I started throwing away all of the rotten food, I realized I had a much bigger problem – I needed to buy a new fridge.

The refrigerator the broke had come with the house,  and I had never bought one before, so I didn’t really know where to begin.  I drove down to a local appliance retailer that day, and I was shocked with what I found.  I had no idea that a new fridge could be so expensive.  The +$1000 price tags blew me away – I thought a few hundred dollars would be enough to buy me a new fridge.  Boy, was I wrong.

I returned to my fridge-less home that night to ponder what I should do.  I only had $350 in my bank account, and although my payday was 6 days away, I needed a new fridge ASAP.  There was no way I could last a week without a fridge – eating out for that time would be too expensive and unhealthy.  Still, I didn’t know how I’d afford a fridge.

Right when I thought there was no solution to my refrigerator dilemma, I found Austin Car Title Loans.  If you’re not familiar with them, they are a lender that specializes in auto title loans, a type of fast cash advance where your car’s title is used as collateral to get a fast loan.  I applied online with Austin Title Loans, and I was able to get money to buy a new fridge the next day! The best part was that there was no credit check, because with my below-average credit rating, I never would have been accepted.

The morning after I applied online I walked into an Austin Title Loans location and got my cash.  By noon I had a new fridge, and when I got paid that Friday, I was able to pay off my loan with a money order.  Next time I run into an appliance emergency, I know exactly what I’m doing – I’m going to Austin Car Title Loans!