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Cash For MacBook in Austin, Texas

I was going back to college for my MBA. This was very important to me because I could get a promotion at my job if I do good in school. I needed to get a MacBook for my school. I had to use some programs which worked great only in Apple products. I have a family to take care of back home and I did not have any savings. I went to Apple store and  found out their financing options. I came to know that their interest rates were way higher than I expected. Therefore, I decided to go online and start searching for loan from  Apple store using their MacBook. I must say I fell in love with that toy right after I used it for the first time.

I came across title loans in Austin When I was searching for loan on the MacBook. I applied immediately on their website and got a pre-approval amount with a phone number to call. I called them immediately from the store and gave them more details about me and my car. They got me approved over the phone within few minutes. After I was approved they found me the nearest location from Apple store to pick up the cash I needed to buy my new MacBook. I drove there right away and picked up the cash I needed.

I went back to store with cash in my hands to buy a new MacBook. I could not believe that I had got the loan that fast at a much lower interest rate and flexible payment plan. I am very thankful to Austin Title Loans for their help!