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How to Solve a Hairy Situation

Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from hair loss at some point in their life. Men are especially prone to losing their hair as they age, but women are also susceptible to this physical change. In today’s society, having a full head of hair is seen as a desirable trait. Companies advertise shampoo and other hair care products in a way that makes the consumer feel as if their hair is part of their identity. Many individuals dread the thought of losing their hair and make dramatic decisions in order to maintain their locks. Continue reading

Hit the Links with Dad

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather and play a few rounds of golf. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, many dads and their loved ones will be hitting the links as a way to unwind and enjoy themselves. Some may argue that the intrigue surrounding the sport has to do with the fact that it may be impossible to every fully master. With so many different courses, swing techniques, and equipment choices, the sport is constantly evolving and attracting new players. Continue reading

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