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Diving To The Depths Of Your Dreams!

We all have dreams. Now, that may sound like the most obvious statement ever but it is meant in a very symbolic way. Each person has a dream that he or she wishes to fulfill and hopefully moves toward that dream closer and closer every day. For most people it is something easy like falling in love or a dream career, but for Daniel Botelho it is to fight for the little guy, or rather, the big guy.

Daniel Botelho has most recently traveled to a small island off of Mexico to photograph great white sharks in an attempt to prove the common misconception of these giant fish being blood-thirsty beasts. He believes that because of portrayals in movies, television, and the overexposed media, these creatures have been forced to be bullied into a name that doesn’t fit them. So he set out with his film crew to show just how harmless these sharks can really be by swimming just feet away from a massive great white shark. He has been quoted to compare the great white shark to the movie The Lion King that known as one of Disney’s most recognizable titles. He says, “Great white sharks are like the Lion King. Predators, yes but not psychotic man killers”. This idea is shared by many nature enthusiasts throughout the globe.

It is refreshing to see a person not only live his dream but to also attempt to dispel rumors against a relatively misunderstood species. Living your dream is something we all strive to accomplish however living your dream can be expensive. But why should you wait to live your dream? Get the cash you need today to take your next step with the help of Austin Car Title Loans. They can offer you affordably low interest rates, extended loan durations, accelerated processing speeds, and flexible payment plans that you can choose for yourself. The best part is that they do not require a credit check and they allow you to keep your car the entire time. Contact them today to start living your dream!


South Africa – Great White © by cdngrlnaomi