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Don’t Let Hospital Bills Drive You Into Debt

Hospital © by avinashbhat

Medical expenses can come out of nowhere and be totally overwhelming.  Trust me, I experienced it firsthand.

My company’s picnic was a few weekends ago.  The picnic is always a good time – grilled food, nice weather, cold drinks, and of course, the company softball game.  I don’t know the full extent of the tradition, but there’s a big softball rivalry between the marketing and accounting departments at my job.  The softball game has been a fixture of the company picnic for the past twenty years, and as fate would have it, the series was split even at 10-10.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m definitely one of the better softball players at work.  Hey, if I wasn’t, why would the other accountants choose me to play centerfield and bat 3rd? Anyway, I had full intention on being the game’s MVP… until the third inning.  There was a fly ball hit between myself and the right fielder.  Jorge, another accountant, was in right field.  He’s a bigger guy, so I didn’t think he’d be able to catch the ball.  I started running for it at full speed, but I never got to it.  That’s because Jorge and I collided, and it wasn’t pretty.

I initially thought I would be okay to finish the game, but I just couldn’t.  My wrist was badly bruised and swelling up, and when a coworker drove me to the hospital, I got the bad news.  I had a broken wrist.

Breaking my wrist wasn’t terrible, but the pile of medical bills that came with it was pretty overwhelming.  I have health insurance, but I have to meet a premium before the insurance kicks in.  I ended up having to pay a little over $1000 in bills, which for me, was a ton of money.  I didn’t have much money saved up, and I was stuck in a bad spot.

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