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Dreams Made in China

China Town © by SPakhrin

I have always wanted to visit China. I started studying Chinese when the first course was made available my freshman year of high school. I remember having to fight for a spot by getting to my guidance counselor’s office the first day that registration started. I know it sounds nerdy, but I have always been fascinated by their culture. I took courses in it for all four years in college and now I am a senior and I can speak it quite fluently. I am so proud of what I have mastered. I have considered extending my education of the language but I feel like my best option to really expand Chinese vocabulary would be to actually visit the country myself. It had always been a dream, but was I ready for it to become a reality?

So imagine how stunned and happy I was when I got invited to take one of seven spots for students that were invited to study abroad their last semester of senior year in China! I was a bit conflicted about missing out of my final semester in college with my friends but when else was I going to get my chance to see this beautiful country. The only trouble is, it wasn’t something that I could afford on my own. I knew that my parents weren’t in the best financial situation so I decided to find a way to pay for it myself.

I went on the internet to find a solution and found it with Austin Car Title Loans. I filled out their online application and in a few minutes I was already finishing up the processing for my loan. They got me affordable interest rates, a monthly payment plan that I got to decide, and I even got the money the same day. I didn’t have to provide a credit check to borrow money and I kept my car the entire time. I leave in January and am counting down the days until the trip of my lifetime. If you need money for to follow you dream, apply today!