Austin Car Title Loans


Eddie Made it to Austin

West Texas is a long way from Austin. You did not have to tell Eddie that. He had grown up living that fact. Yet, Eddie clung to the vision that one day he would live in Austin, Texas. That was his goal and he worked to make it happen.

Moving to Austin

Eddie spent two years going to college in West Texas. His aim was to get his college education started and then move to Austin and go to the University of Texas. Eddie’s plan worked perfectly. He got his school work done. He worked hard to save some money to make his move. On a bit of good luck for Eddie, his grandfather gave Eddie his truck. It was paid for and Eddie left West Texas with all his belongings, his truck and the title to the vehicle. Eddie felt like he was on top of the world.

Eddie made it to Austin, got a nice place to stay and enrolled in school. He was a Longhorn!! Eddie did well in school and handled his money nicely. He had a part time job and was very frugal with his money. After several years Eddie was just about ready to graduate. He had interviewed with several companies and found a great job. Now, Eddie wanted to move up to the next rung on the ladder.

Eddie wanted a better place to stay. He needed new and nicer clothes. His old pots and pans needed replacing. Eddie just needed to upgrade!! Eddie knew his new job would bring him much more money than he had ever made. But he wanted to enjoy some better things now. That’s where Austin Car Title Loans came in.

Austin Car Title Loans

Eddie decided to get a loan. The entire loan procedure was easy and it all went smoothly for Eddie. He found there were many benefits to getting a car title loan. He even went so far as to list some of them in his journal. They were:

  • No credit check is necessary. Your vehicle serves as collateral so the credit check is dispensed with. No credit, bad credit and bankruptcy or all fine.
  • The application was fast and easy. You fill it out in about an hour online in the privacy of your apartment.
  • The application was approved quickly and the money available within 24 hours.
  • You can use your vehicle as you pay back your loan.
  • The payback terms are suited to your needs and very flexible.
  • You can pay off the loan early and not be penalized.
  • Austin Car Title Loans are available all over town.

Eddie got his loan and it helped tide him over until his new job started paying him well. He was able to get some furniture, cookware and a better to place to stay along with new clothes for his new job. Eddie even had some money left over to enjoy some of Austin’s eclectic lifestyle. He want to see Austin City Limits, Barton Creek, Sixth Street and he even took in Hippie Hollow, but with most of his clothes on!!

Austin Car Title Loans helped Eddie get a leg up on his situation. It can help you do the same also. Consider a car title loan for your unique financial situation.