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Fairy Tales Grace The Entertainment World

Märchenbuch – German language book of children

Entertainment and pop culture has been obsessed with new interpretations of classic fairy tales lately. Just this past year, theaters across the country played Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Jack and the Beanstalk to audiences of all ages. All were fantastic movies that took the classic stories and added new spins and interpretations to the mix, and they all aimed towards different target audiences.

Amongst some of the most popular new TV shows are Grimm and Once Upon A Time which include modern day twists on the classic tales. Although I have never seen Grimm, I’m told it is a gripping fantasy crime-solving drama that is a great show for those who love crime mysteries and dark fantasy. Once Upon A Time is a drama show about a town of fairy tale characters in modern day who don’t realize they are fairy tale characters. They were trapped their by the evil stepmother from Snow White and only a few people actually know the truth. What makes the show so gripping are the flashbacks to the fairy take world and the depth that is given to the original stories and their characters. Rumplestiltskin, played by talented Robert Carlyle, is perhaps the most intriguing character in the show. I’d watch it just for his back story if nothing else.

Even authors are reverting back to the old fairy tales to draw out new stories from. Philip Pullman who is best known for his “His Dark Materials” series (which includes the first book The Golden Compass) recently published a new edition of the Brothers Grimm stories that he called “Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version. Unlike the trends of movies and television, Pullman doesn’t aim to modernize the classis stories. Rather, he pulls from many different sources and story versions to create coherent stories that encompass the best aspects of each version. Apparently he uses no character’s names and every sentence moves the story forward in gripping suspense. His stories are simple and gripping, and he removes any and all filler material.

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