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“Girlified” Guns

pink gun © by zombieite

Women friendly guns are becoming more and more popular. Many women today are even ordering customized guns colored pink studded with rhinestones; however, many men feel that women-friendly guns are emasculating the sport. On an episode of American Guns, one female client ordered a pink pistol for her to carry in her purse and the men customizing the weapon for her showed huge displays of disgust about it.

Making a gun look more feminine helps her feel more comfortable with it rather than afraid. Think about it. Men were brought up as boys who played with little black and silver toy guns and encouraged to play games like cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. Little girls, however, are brought up with dolls and plastic ponies of pink and purple and generally discouraged from handling violent looking toys. A woman may find a gun less intimidating when it is decked out in colors that she is more familiar with. The power of the gun remains the same, the painting of it does not make it seem frilly or toy-like. Instead, it allows a woman to feel at ease while handling it.

Some men think that women entering the sport of shooting as an unnatural attack to his virility, yet think of who the most famous sharp shooter in US history is? Annie Oakley. Personally, I think Annie Oakley would have wanted a pink gun studded with crystals if it was available to her at the time.

In addition to “girlifying” her gun, I’ve seen several jewelry makers use bullet casings to make jewelry out of. Some retailers make purses with a gun concealing pouch on them.  Honestly, I think this is great. By making guns more women friendly and more accessories more gun friendly, women have a better chance to learn about and handle a power piece of machinery. She will be better equipped and knowledgeable to handle herself when in dangerous situations.

You may be a woman who is looking to purchase a “girlified” gun or perhaps a man who wants to buy one for his lady so she may protect herself. If money is a little tight, consider taking out a car title loan. You can take as long as 42 months to pay off the loan and you can complete the entire application online. It’s a stress- free and simple solution.