Austin Car Title Loans


Here’s a story of how one Austin Family will enjoy the Holidays this year!

Happy Thanksgiving from the customer service reps at Austin Car Title Loans!

Thanksgiving & the Holidays are right around the corner and next is New Year’s, meaning now my husband and I will be either falling short on bills or not being able to get the kids all the stocking stuffers that they wanted this year.  My husband suggested looking into auto equity loans as an option to get money to pay our bills.  After looking at websites and seeing various interest rates, what we found out is in the state of Texas, the typical interest rate varies between 15-30% monthly, and we didn’t bother with borrowing because the payback amount was going to be insane until we found one more lender after going to the very last website, Austin Car Title Loans.

We found a lender located all throughout the Texas area offering an only 8.123% interest rate, which is the lowest in the entire state!  Additionally, paying back the loan was easy!  We were able to take out an auto equity loan with not only the lowest interest rate available, but we were able to choose what term we  wanted to pay the loan back. The maximum time our lender was able to accept payment is 42 months, which is nearly 4 years.

When my mom borrowed a auto equity loan from another company, the lender would not give them enough time to pay their loan back, and the interest would start piling up.  This lender found from Austin Car Title Loans was was much different than any other car title lender, and helped us get out of a bad situation.

We took out as much money to pay our bills and ended up with a 6 month term and found out that we were able to pay it back at our own pace.   Austin Car Title Loans made things very convenient, we had the opportunity to pay the loan basically as quickly as we would like, and we also found out that our lender provides a 10 day grace period in case something were to come up and we were not able to pay right on time.

They were able to process our loan the same day. This is definitely a great option for when emergencies happen.

We recommend Austin Car Title Loans, and hope they help you like they helped us!