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High School Reunion Is Not Worth Missing

“I grew up in New York and I moved out here to San Antonio, Texas when I was in my early twenties. I got a letter in the mail about my high school reunion a few months back, and I really wanted to go. I was pretty tight with the money around the house. I recently took a pay cut at work so I wasn’t able to save money. The money I did save I eventually had to spend to cover the rest of my bills and to make payments on my credit cards. There was no way I was going to miss this reunion though, it’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I HAD to go!

I could forget getting a loan from a bank or using a credit card because my credit is horrible – it has been for awhile now. I really didn’t know anyone that I could borrow the money from. I needed a plane ticket and of course money for spending and lodging. My parents wouldn’t give me any money and I didn’t have any friends that had money to spare. I hopped on the net one day and started searching around.

I found Car Title Loans in San Antonio.

It was a God-send. I didn’t have to worry about having bad credit, and my car was paid off so I was able to get approved, fast! They had an online application that took only ten minutes or so to finish, and I was approved in less than an hour. I had the money in my account the next day and I was able to book my flight and my hotel room for the reunion. I’m so grateful I caught a break, because these guys really helped me out when nobody else could!