Austin Car Title Loans


Pregnancy Is Expensive!

I never thought I would need one. But you never know what’s gonna happen if you know what I mean. My girlfriend got pregnant and I’ve got to take care of her. That’s what the baby daddy should do. I looked around and found that if I needed money I could find cash fast in car title loans in Austin, Texas. I had a cheep little job that I had at the convenient store since high school that helped me pay for that car. Otherwise I’d just been working construction to pay the bills.

Let me tell you, having a baby is expensive stuff. And I got no credit either. I just signed up for a bunch of credit cards and I found out that all I could get was about $1,200 in all the cards I signed up for combined. It was a little ridiculous I tell you. After shopping for all the stuff kids need, I hardly had enough credit to buy anything else. Then I got to pay all these doctor bills. So that’s when I looked online and found car title loans in Austin I thought this is exactly what I need.

Well our baby girl came out perfectly alright and we knew that was how it was going to be because we went to the doctor several times before that. That’s what our car title loans in Austin paid for. And As for my baby mama, I think I’m going to marry her. I mean I’m already nineteen it’s time to get started with my life.