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Real Estate Situation in Austin

Starts on new homes are 87% above the recession low in April 2009. In 2007-2008 the stock market fell off the charts, unemployment rose to a national high, poverty struck people in various ways, and the real estate market became very hard for homeowners that were trying to sell their homes. We have certainly been in a buyers’ market for the last four years, so now that we may be heading towards a recovery, it’s time to buy those last few properties before prices increase again. The Commerce Department says housing starts jumping at 3.6% in October from September to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 840,000. Single-family homes construction dipped 0.2%. Applications for building permits, a sign of future construction, fell 2.7% to 866,000, after jumping to 12% in September a four year high. Homes have jumped to higher prices, but they are still short of a fully healthy recovery by 1.5 million annual rate.  Real estate is certainly gaining momentum, and predications are that everything will reside back to normal within the next few years. This is very positive for millions of United States homeowners, but this isn’t going to be taken into effect immediately, so if you’re in the process or thinking about selling, it would be good to wait a few more months. If you need some extra cash to hire a real estate broker for sale, then apply on our homepage here at Austin Car Title Loans. Get the cash you need when you need it! Just give us a few basic details and we will connect you with one of our loan experts. They will appraise your vehicle through a virtual simulation, or you can go directly to the store, and get it appraised there. No matter what option you may choose, know that Austin Car Title Loans is the perfect solution for you.