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Sexiest Man Alive 2012

Sunglasses © by Jenn Durfey

People’s Choice announced their pick for sexiest man alive: Channing Tatum. Eh. I was happier with last year’s choice of Bradley Cooper who thought he was being Punk’d when her heard the news. Channing won because he made middle-aged cougars across the country salivate during his performance in Magic Mike. He just looks like an ordinary jock with no personality to me. Now I don’t know him personally, maybe he has a deep soul and writes poetry in his spare time, but his appearance does not suggest more than a boy who likes going to the gym and thinks that hot cars and motorcycles are the way to a women’s pants.

Honestly, if I had to pick someone for Sexiest man alive of 2012 out of a selection of stars who had high ratings in the media this year, I’d choose Chris Hemsworth, James Franco, or Michael Fassbender.

Chris Hemsworth

This actor made it 3rd in Peoples sexiest man alive list. He’s the sexy aussie who has zipped across the box office with roles like Thor and The Huntsman. He’s built too, but he seems to have more on his brain than gym. He’s devoted to his beautiful wife and has those deep blue eyes that make you melt.

James Franco

This actor is also highly educated and a writer. He’s one of those everything men who make you wonder, “what the hell am I doing with my life” There’s something sexy about his dark brown eyes and his James Dean bad boy look.

Michael Fassbender

This is one of my favorite up and coming actors because he is so talented and so extremely sexy. Most people recognize him from Inglorious Bastards, Xmen First Class, or Prometheus playing hard edgy characters, however, he’s has played some soft romantic characters as well in British shows that could steal away the heart of every woman… or gay man.

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