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Austin Title Loans For Fast Business Loans

If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

That’s been my motto since I was a student at The University of Texas at Austin.  And let me assure you, there’s been a lot of destruction over the years.

Like that dot-com business my brother and I started about six years ago.  We had this idea that because we were in Austin, we could help fulfill that need for people to “play in Austin.” I thought if nothing else, it could be a good gag gift. If someone wrote a play, they’d send it to us, and we’d find a theater group to try it out, for free, and then we could report back it played in Austin.  Or the same thing with songs. Continue reading

Dishwasher is a must for some people!

More than any other household chore I dislike washing dishes worse than anything. When our dishwasher broke last year, I tried to washing dishes by hand for a couple months, but eventually I said ‘no more.’ This was ridiculous! We needed a new dishwasher as soon as possible but the problem was, we didn’t have any credit or savings. What we did have though was a great car and the knowledge that we could use its value to get a Austin car title loan to buy our new dishwasher. I applied online and got a call back from a friendly local car title loans in Austin store representative who explained how everything worked and she even offered me driving directions to their store location. That very same night I was at the appliance store picking out my new dishwasher and it’s all because of our Austin Car Title Loans.