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Pregnancy Is Expensive!

I never thought I would need one. But you never know what’s gonna happen if you know what I mean. My girlfriend got pregnant and I’ve got to take care of her. That’s what the baby daddy should do. I looked around and found that if I needed money I could find cash fast in car title loans in Austin, Texas. I had a cheep little job that I had at the convenient store since high school that helped me pay for that car. Otherwise I’d just been working construction to pay the bills. Continue reading

Nobody Said Being a Parent Was Easy!

BasketBall – score © by j9sk9s

My wife and I separated over five years ago and it really took a toll on my family life. I had to move out of state because I had recently been laid off and this was the only new position I could find in my field. Moving away from my kids I don’t get to see them except for a couple holidays throughout the year. I know my kids love me and understand that things in life can be complicated, but it hurts that I can’t always be there for them. Continue reading