Austin Car Title Loans


The Convenience of Auto Title Loans

Melissa got a call today that her whole family was coming up to spend a week with her. She had plenty of room in her house, but she couldn’t afford to put food in the house, or the gas to get to the airport to pick everyone up. She was in a real pickle. She needed to get extra blankets. She needed to get the extras around the house such as toiletries and soap. She also was worried about the increase in her power bills, and had no idea how she would pay that too. Melissa had been through a difficult time. After being laid off from her job of 15 years, she was only able to find employment at a small company at 2.00 less an hour than she was making before. She really couldn’t afford everyone to come up for Thanksgiving and stay the whole week, but she missed her family so much, and knew they had nowhere else to go. That’s when she thought about a car title loan.
She had heard from a friend about Austin auto title loans. She heard they were fair and had good rates so she went online to find them. She filled out the online form. Within minutes she received her quote and preapproval. They were able to give her the cash she needed by using the model, make, mileage and year of her car. They didn’t even run her credit report. They didn’t care about the foreclosure she was fighting, or the fact that she had filed bankruptcy two years ago. She was able to get the cash she needed the same day. She was totally shocked at how easy the payments would be and how low the interest rate was.

Do you need cash fast?

Do you have bad credit, or no credit and the banks turn you down. You don’t know where to turn to get the cash you need. Try Austin auto title loan. We can get you the cash you need, the same day you apply. Go online, fill out the simple form, and we can have your quote and preapproval sent to you within a very short time. It doesn’t matter if you have had a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or even a prior repossession. As long as you have a clear title, we can create a loan for you. If you don’t like using the internet, give us a call. We have customer service representatives waiting to help you. We can get you the cash you need, when you need it. There isn’t a pile of paperwork, there is no waiting period, and there are no prepayment penalties. Once you have been approved, you can come in and pick of your money or we can deposit it into you account. The choice is yours.

Did we mention that we have the lowest interest rates in the state?

We do. Unlike the banks and other lending companies, who charge interest on the whole loan, and charge a prepayment penalty if you pay off early, we only charge interest on the balance, and have no prepayment penalty. Fill out the simple online form and let us help you with that cash problem you need solved.