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The Hottest Games For Christmas This Year

Cards against Humanity © by justgrimes

Christmas is coming up and board games are a great gift to give because the whole family can play it! Even with the incline of video game popularity, board games remain a favorite for all ages. Sure you all know Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, and Battleship; but there are several new games that have come out in the past ten years that give these classic games a run for their money.

Risk 2210 AD (2001)

This is the traditional game of Risk but with a twist. Taking place in the future, you can conquer sea colonies and territories on the moon in addition to the land. This version makes Risk a bit more enjoyable by making the game shorter while bringing in additional plot twists like taking out a whole country by nuclear war.

Bang! (2002)

This is an action-packed card game where players take on a different role in an old spaghetti western like “sheriff” and “outlaw”. Using weapon cards, you have old west shoot outs to fight to the death. The last man standing wins. Games are short and fast-paced, it’s a recipe for laughs and dirty innuendos.

Dixit (2009)

Dixit is a beautiful game that originated in France. It is great for all ages and it aims to expand the imagination and learn more about the inner workings of your peers’ minds by showing players a series cards with awe-inspiring illustrations on them and creating a short story from them. You can take the game on as whimsical or as dark of a direction as you so wish.

Cards Against Humanity (2011)

This is a card game that was developed by a Chicago-based group of friends who launched the game on Kickstarter and popularity spread like wildfire. It is one of the hottest games out there on the market, and it’s cool to know that it was started by private group of young gaming enthusiasts. The game is structured much like Apples to Apples but with raunchier and more modern words. You really get to learn how your fellow players’ minds work in this quick to learn and fun to play game.

I highly recommend these games as great Christmas Presents because they are all quick and easy to learn, yet also a blast to play. They expand your mind and give you opportunities to learn more about the people you play with. After opening this gift on Christmas, your family has something to do rather than throwing wads of wrapping paper at each other! If you are struggling with money and would like to purchase some great gifts this year for Christmas like these board games, consider taking out a car title loan to spot you. You can get your money in as little as 24 hours, and there are absolutely no credit checks involved! Give your family the Christmas gifts they deserve!