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Title Loan Saved my Sisters Pregnancy

My sister and I have lived in Austin for most of my life. We both have appreciation for the pace of life and for most of the people in our area. One day my sister confided in me that she was pregnant. My sister is technically an adult at age 22. However, she still has a lot of growing up of her own to do. I know my sister. She is not in any position to support a baby. She has a job. However, she barely makes enough money to maintain her small apartment.

Man up

I also know my sister’s boyfriend. He is a good guy. He grew up along side my sister as a friend of the family. Now that he has gotten my little sister pregnant, I suppose he has become my brother. I spoke to him about what he planned to do regarding his newly forming family. Obviously, the only thing that I wanted to hear was that he was ready to marry my sister and spoil her with a life of luxury. But, to the contrary, this guy doesn’t seem to have any idea what steps to take next. On top of that, he is absolutely broke.

Don’t Tell the Family

I know that my sister doesn’t want me disclosing her pregnancy to the rest of our family. Nevertheless, she is in a real financial bind. Some preparations have to be made in order to take proper care for the baby when it arrives. In light of this, I asked a few of my closest friends to pitch in. They were understanding and were able to contribute to the mission of helping my sister. The money that I collected from them was not enough to make a significant difference in my sister’s situation. Still, I have to applaud their effort.

I Need Help Now

I was driving home from a friends house when I noticed the sign for Austin Car Title Loan.

I had seen their signs before but, my need for cash made their sign seem to stand out from among the rest. I spoke to a customer service rep that was able to explain how their process works. They told me that Austin Car Title Loans could process my loan and have cash in my hand within 24 hours. The rep also explained Austin Car Title Loans flexible repayment policy.

Just What I needed

I felt empowered. Thanks to the information i got from Austin Car Title Loans, I knew that I could gain access to the money that I need overnight.

I went home, grabbed my car title and headed right back to the office. I left the office a few hours later with a huge smile on my face. Austin Car Title Loans was there to help my family in a time of need. Starting a loan with them is totally worth it.