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Title Loans Can Help With Hospital Bills

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While it’s true that a medical emergency can happen to any person at any time, I never thought it could happen to me.  I’m young, relatively healthy, and in pretty good shape.  Not only was I not mentally prepared to go through a medical emergency… I wasn’t prepared financially, either.

I’ll tell you how it all went down.  I was going for a jog on a Sunday morning with my dog.  It’s something I do at least twice a week, to keep myself in shape and to keep my dog from going crazy.  I was about a mile into the jog when my knee buckled and I fell to the ground in an immense amount of pain.  I laid there for a while, hurting badly and unsure if I’d even be able to get up and go get help.  Finally, after fifteen or so minutes, I was able to get up and limp away.  A few hours later, I sat in pain at home, and at that point I knew my injury was really severe.  I had a friend drive me to the hospital, and after a few tests, I got the bad news.

X-ray and MRI tests confirmed that my injury was indeed a severe one.  The MCL tendon in my knee was completely torn, and I would need to have surgery to repair it once my swelling had subsided.  I wasn’t so much scared of going through a surgery – I knew I could handle the paid and the recovery process.  I was scared that I couldn’t afford it.

I have health insurance, but my coverage is very limited.  When I contacted my insurance provider, I found out that while the surgery would be covered, the rehab process wouldn’t be paid for.  I didn’t know how I’d afford it.

A friend showed me a website called Austin Title Loans, and they saved the day.  They were able to loan me the necessary funds to pay for my post-surgery rehab, which ended up being really costly.  Austin Title Loans was able to approve my loan without even looking at my credit report, which was important, since I don’t have good credit.  I now know that a medical emergency really can happen to anyone, but I also know that when expensive hospital bills start coming in, Austin Title Loans is the place to go to for help.