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Vacation Planning Can Be Tough

Canada Goose & FR

Planning a vacation is hard work, trust me.  At my job, I’m given one week of vacation time per year.  It isn’t a lot, I know, but I always make the most of it.  In fact, a few people I work with have accused me of spending the other 51 weeks of the year focusing all my energy on my one week of vacation.  I still get my work done, of course, but I’m always thinking about my vacation.

This year, I planned a trip to Canada.  I had never been there before, so my intentions were to see as much and do as much as I could.  I wanted to see Montreal and French Canada, and Toronto, and everywhere else in between.  I had plans to rent a car, stay at different hotels, go gambling, and take a few bus tours.
Anyway… it was a few days before my vacation, and I was as excited as humanly possible.  On my lunch break, I decided to look over my trip budget for one last time, just to make sure everything was okay.  As I looked at the spreadsheet I’d written up, I realized I made a critical error – I forgot to convert my American dollars into Canadian dollars!

How could I be so foolish?! As I frantically added up the numbers, I realized that I had gone way over budget.  The way I had planned it, I would be almost $1000 short, and there was no turning back – had already charged everything to my credit card.  I didn’t know what to do… I needed money quickly, and I had no idea how I could get it.

It was then that I discovered auto title loans.  If you don’t know, a title loan allows you to leverage your car’s title to obtain a quick cash loan of up to $50,000.  I quickly applied for my loan (the application only took 5 minutes) and by the next day, I had the necessary cash to pay for my trip.  I was actually able to borrow a few thousand dollars, so I had a little bit of extra spending money.

Next time I’ll be sure to do a better job of budgeting my trip.  If I ever need a little extra money, though, I know what I’ll do – I’ll get a title loan.